If experience speaks volumes, we have a lot to say.

We are Renegade Sports Surfacing, Inc., a new sports construction company bringing together some of the most respected experts in the field with over 120 years of experience. We know how to finish on time and within your budget while focusing on customer service.

For our tennis surfaces, we use California Products, makers of Plexipave and Decoturf tennis court coatings. California Products are installed at the US Open, Australian Open and the Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California and many parks, high schools and universities around the US.

We are excited to bring Stockmeier Urethanes to the West Coast for our track surfaces. Stockmeier Urethanes are a family owned company with high quality urethanes made in the USA since 1991. Stockmeier has 5 IAAF surfaces for intense competition.

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Team Renegade includes:

Noel Gilstrap, CTB, with over 30 years experience with striping and track layout. Noel is a Certified Track Builder with the American Sports Builders Association. If you have any questions about track design, please contact Noel at 503.709.1008.
Email: noel@renegadeinc.net

Bob Lundgren, Sales, with over 30 years experience in tennis court layout, construction and installation. Please contact Bob at 503.805.2636.
Email: bob@renegadeinc.net

Mikel Chiaratti with over 15 years experience in fence, tennis court and track construction. He can be reached at 503.490.3088.
Email: mikel@renegadeinc.net

Rick Hardin with over 35 years experience in running track and tennis court installations in North and South America, Asia and co-developer of the most popular latex systems on the West Coast. Questions about your existing surface? Contact Rick at 503.805.2632.
Email: rick@renegadeinc.net

Jeffrey Dixon with over 30 years experience with track and field and post tension concrete tennis courts across the nation. Questions in these areas, contact Jeff at 503.708.4125.
Email: jeff@renegadeinc.net

Lisa Hardin with over 9 years experience in the construction industry. Questions about submittals, closeout and warranty issues? Contact Lisa at 503.443.4714.
Email: lisa@renegadeinc.net

Renegade Tennis:

Surface Options We install a full range of hard court and cushioned surfaces from California Products.

Renegade Track Line-up:

Renegade Resurfacer
Latex top coat for rejuvenating existing tracks

Renegade WB 2500
Water based black resin track system

Renegade WB 4500
Water based colored resin track system

Renegade Black Mat
Urethane based porous paved in place system

Renegade BMSS Porous
Porous black mat with red structural spray system

Renegade BMSS Sealed
Sealed black mat with red structural spray system

Renegade SW
Sealed black mat with a red 2 component flood and broadcast system

Renegade FP
Multi-layered full pour 2 component flood and broadcast system

Renegade Encapsulated
Multi-layered 2 component flood and broadcast encapsulated system